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Flowering plants are pollinated by many different

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Unformatted text preview: analogous to artificial selection in domesticated animals c) … both agreed with Lamarck's hypothesis that changes in species are produced by attempts by individuals to increase the development of their own organs d) none of the above Taxon Vampires Zombies Ghouls Werewolves Activity Nocturnal Diurnal Nocturnal Nocturnal Food Blood Flesh Blood Flesh Characters Habitat Fangs Graveyards X Graveyards Graveyards X Forest X Shapeshifter X X Polite X X 17. Parsimony- based analysis of the character table above would suggest that which two of these “taxa” are most closely related? a) Vampires and Zombies b) Vampires and Ghouls c) Vampires and Werewolves d) Zombies and Ghouls e) Ghouls and Werewolves 4 18. Which mass extinction was the most severe? a) Ordovician–Silurian extinction b) Late Devonian extinction c) Permian–Triassic extinction d) Triassic- Jurassic extinction e) Cretaceous- Tertiary extinction 19. Flowering plants are pollinated by many different types of insects. Many moth- pollinated flowers are white, probably due to the fact that moths pollinate the flowers at night, thus reducing the need for the plant to make costly investments in bright, showy pigments (such pigments can’t be seen at night anyway). Which of the following phylogenies presents the strongest evidence for white flower color being an adaptation to moth- vector pollination?: ((W = white flowers; P = pink flowers; M = moth pollinated; B = bee pollinated) a) W/M W/M P/B P/B b) Correct answer W/M P/B W/M P/B c) W/M W/B W/B P/B d) W/B W/B P/M P/M 5 20. You find a fossil in Cascadilla Gorge. Which of the following statements about it is most likely to be false? a) The fossil is from a terrestrial organism b) The fossil is from the Devonian period c) The fossil preserved the hard parts of the organism d) The fossil is older than fossils of dinosaurs e) The fossil was exposed by glaciers Answer questions 21- 23 based on the phylogenetic hypothesis shown below (which may or may not be correct biologically — it doesn’t matter for these questions): Lizards and Snakes Birds Crocodilians Turtles Mammals 21. Based on the tree above, the traditional Class Reptilia (Crocodilians, Lizards and Snakes, and Turtles) is an example of what type of group? a) Monophyletic b) Cladistic c) Paraphyletic d) Vicariant e) None of the above is correct 22. Bird wings and bat wings are homologous as tetrapod forelimbs adapted for flight. If these two taxa were mistakenly classified together as sister clades based on this similarity, what word would best describe the character “forelimbs adapted for flight”? a) Clade b) Homoplasy c) Synapomorphy d) Apomorphy e) Anagenesis 23. In the...
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