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BIOEE 1780 Study Group -- Practice Final (SMJ)

A amoebozoa excavata archaeplastida chromalveolata b

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Unformatted text preview: etween the evolution of unicellular and multicellular Eukaryotes (200- 300 my). d) Eukaryotes acquired mitochondria and/or chloroplasts from bacteria or archaeans. Unicellular Eukaryotes evolved before multicellular Eukaryotes. The time gap between the evolution of unicellular and multicellular Eukaryotes is not known. e) All of the above are false. 5. Which of the following groups form the monophyletic clade Bikonta? a) Amoebozoa, Excavata, Archaeplastida, Chromalveolata b) Rhizaria, Opisthokonta, Amoebozoa, Excavata c) Archaeplastida, Excavata, Rhizaria, Opisthokonta d) Archaeplastida, Excavata, Chromalveolata, Opisthokonta e) Excavata, Archaeplastida, Chromalveolata, Rhizaria 2 6. The most derived plants on the archaeplastid phylogeny are: a) Seed plants (conifers and flowering plants) b) Aquatic plants (red and green algae) c) Ferns d) Mosses e) It is impossible to resolve the phylogeny of this group 7. Which of the following is NOT one of the eukaryotic supergroups? a) Excavata b) Rhizaria c) Animalia d) Amoebozoa e) Opisthokonta 8. Fungi... a) are mostly microscopic b) have hyphae c) reproduce either sexually or asexually d) a and b e) all of the above 9. Members of the "Kingdom" Animalia... a) can be haploid or diploid b) lack cell walls c) are heterotrophic d) a and c e) all of the above 10. Which of the following are Lophotrochozoa? a) diatoms b) octopi c) flowering plants d) beetles e) edible mushrooms 11. Deuterostomes include... a) Porifera (sponges) b) Lophotrochozoa c) Chordata d) Mollusca 12. The amniotic egg.. a) allowed organisms to have terrestrial life cycles without an aquatic phase b) allowed organisms to lay eggs on land, since non- amniotic eggs need aqueous environments c) has extraembryonic membranes which facilitate oxygen diffusion d) all of the above 3 13. Anapsids include... a) Frogs b) Turtles c) Whales d) Eagles e) All of the above 14. Tiktaalik rosae is a a) sarcopterygian that is now extinct b) stem tetrapod with a functional wrist joint c) lobed- finned fish with body scales and fin rays d) all of the above e) none of the above 15. Tetrapods include... a) birds b) lobed- finned fishes c) coelacanths d) all of the above e) none of the above 16. Based on your readings from the beginning of the semester, which of the following statements is true? Charles Darwin and Alfred Wallace... a) …both independently came to the idea of evolution by natural selection b) …both thought natural selection was...
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