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BIOEE 1780 Study Group -- Practice Final (SMJ)

Evolutionary lineage from anohter 27 which of the

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Unformatted text preview: tree above, turtles, lizards, snakes, and their most recent common ancestor are an example of what type of group? a) Monophyletic b) Cladistic c) Paraphyletic d) Vicariant e) None of the above is correct 6 24. Which of the following is NOT part of the Malthusian model that influenced both Darwin and Wallace: a) Populations have the potential to increase exponentially b) Different species compete for scarce resources c) Populations quickly outstrip resources d) Resources increase linearly e) All of the above are part of the Malthusian model 25. Evidence of “anagenesis” is most likely to be seen by: a) a paleontologist looking at a fossil trilobite species in adjacent strata b) a functional geneticist studying differences among existing species of fruit flies c) a biogeographer studying the dispersal of finches from continents to islands d) a developmental biologist comparing the morphology of embryos among closely related species of barnacles e) a population geneticist surveying the genetic diversity of an island population f) 26. “Punctuated Equilibrium” might best be defined as: a) A change in the net diversification rate of a lineage associated with its colonization of a novel environment b) Adaptive radiation as classically seen in some groups of island birds, or cichlid fish in African lakes c) A shift in the fauna in a stratigraphic series caused by an igneous intrusion d) Long periods of stasis interspersed with rapid periods of morphological change associated with speciation e) An increase in mutation rate leading to accelerated divergence of one evolutionary lineage from anohter 27. Which of the following statements about Hox genes is NOT correct: a) Hox genes are found in all animals, although their number and arrangement differs among lineages b) The Hox gene family is characterized by a conserved DNA- binding domain. c) Hox genes encode proteins called transcription factors and typically exhibit co- linear expression d) All of the statements above are correct e) None of the statements above are correct 28. Assume a neutral locus with two alleles (A and a) is found in four small, reproductively- isolated populations of equal size. The four populations have the following starting frequencies (p) of allele A: Population W (p=0.1), Population X (p=0.45), Population Y (p=0.6) and Population Z (p=0.8). Which...
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