BIOEE 1780 -- Week 13 Concepts (SMJ)

I suspect most of them cannot its a very broad and

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Unformatted text preview: that has been shaped by natural selection, and that increases the ability of an individual to survive and reproduce”. (A reasonable, though perhaps distracting, discussion question to be to determine whether students can think of any trait that is not an adaptation by this definition. I suspect most of them cannot – it’s a very broad and difficult to disprove definition. One instance might be so- called “pre- adaptations”, traits that enable a function to evolve but that are not specifically evolved to facilitate that future function. An example is feathers and flight, whether feathers evolved presumably for thermoregulation and display in dinosaurs (in which case they would be an adaptation for those processes) and subsequently were used to enable flight (meaning that feathers are not an adaptatio...
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