BIOEE 1780 -- Week 13 Concepts (SMJ)

Recall the example of the vexillum on the bat

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Unformatted text preview: n for flight, they are a ‘pre- adaptation’; the need to fly did not provide the selective pressure that drove the evolution of feathers. 2) Lecture re- visited the concepts of phenotypic plasticity (the same genotype giving different phenotypes in different environments/conditions) and the distinction between acclimation (acclimatization) and adaptation. 3) Understand the concept of trade- offs and constraint on adaptation. 4) Understand the methods for experimentally determining whether a trait is adaptive for a function. Recall the example of the vexillum on the bat- pollinated flower or windowbird tails and breeding success (experimental manipulation), the matching between flower shape and pollinator tongue (observational correlation), and the ‘bats and balls’ example of testes size in bats (and primates) as a function of polygamy (phylogenetically corrected correla...
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