BIOEE 1780 -- Week 13 Concepts (SMJ)

Students should understand the good genes hypothesis

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Unformatted text preview: tion). 5) Sexual selection is a sub- category of natural selection, related exclusively to reproductive success. There are two broad categories: Intrasexual (typically male- male) signaling in competition for territory and/or access to mates, examples include large teeth, horns, lions manes, aggressive coloration, etc. Intersexual (between sexes) signaling is the measure of sexual attractiveness, with traits including coloration, tail length in widowbirds, dances and other displays, etc. Similar traits (eg, coloration or behaviors) may be intersexual or intrasexual, and some traits may serve both kinds of signaling. 6) Sexual selection can result in the evolution of highly exaggerated traits, such as caribou antlers or the extremely long tails of widowbirds. Students should understand the “good ge...
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