By convenvon side 2 or extracellular space for a cell

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Unformatted text preview: Aier a while the posiVve charge builds up and the ions start to repel each other because of their like charge. This discourages more K+ to come in, even though their concentraVon difference wants them to. 4.  An equilibrium will be reached which creates a net PosiVve charge in side 2 relaVve to side 1. By convenVon side 2 (or extracellular space for a cell) is considered 0, so we record in side 1 a negaVve potenVal,  ­58mV . 5.  The equilibrium potenVal can be calculated using the Nernst equaVon.! Electrochemical Equilibrium •  Exact balance between two opposing forces •  IniVal concentraVon gradient causes K+ to move from compartment 1 to 2. •  An opposing electrical gradient develops that tends to stop K+ from moving across the membrane. •  Therefore changing the concentraVons of ions can change the potenVal. •  In addiVon changing the pot...
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