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Resvng membrane potenval voltage across the cell

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Unformatted text preview: the equilibrium poten0al (Eion), is given by a formula Nernst equa0on. Eion = 62mV (log [ion]outside/[ion]inside) Important terms! • ResVng membrane potenVal ­ voltage across the cell membrane when it is at rest. Typically  ­40 to  ­90 mV.! • HyperpolarizaVon ­ the membrane potenVal of a cells is more negaVve than at rest.! • DepolarizaVon ­ more posiVve than at rest.! • Threshold potenVal ­ potenVal at which an acVon potenVal is iniVated.! What’s going on? 1.  IniVally each side of the container is neutral for charge ­ Every K+ has a Cl ­ partner. 2.  K+ however wants to diffuse down its concentraVon gradient. Cl ­ might want to but is not permeable. This creates a rush of K+ to the other side. 3. ...
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