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Conformer is an animal that allows its internal

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Unformatted text preview: to moderate internal change in the face of external fluctua*on. Example: Freshwater fish are able to maintain stable internal concentra*on of solutes in blood and inters**al fluid even though that concentra*on is different from the solute concentra*on of the water it lives in. •  Conformer is an animal that allows its internal condi*on to vary with certain external changes. Example: Maine invertebrates such as spider crabs, live in environments with stable solute concentra*on. It conforms its internal solute concentra*on to the environment Means of Maintaining/achieving Homeostasis 1.  Rid organisms of waste products 2.  Keep both the fluid and the salt content of the organism within normal parameters 3.  Keep the concentra*on of other substances in body fluids at normal levels ACHIEVED THROUGH TWO PROCESSES: 1.  Osmoregula*on ­ ­ ­ how animals regulate solute concentra*ons and balance the gain and loss of water 2.  Excre*on ­ ­ ­ how animals get rid of nitrogen containing waste products of metabolism Func*ons of Excretory and Urinary Systems 1.  Physiological problem: maintaining a consistent internal environment. 2.  Excretory system in all types of organisms has one main func*on: maintain homeostasis within a given organism a.  Homeostasis ­ ­ ­ condi*on in which all internal systems...
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