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what aspects of the experience impressed you and

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Unformatted text preview: e audience with the media you buy Cost per exposure: CPM, CPC Design the creative message Include your “Call to Action” Measure the advertising impact over a specific time period Assignment Assignment Read Sport Marketing Chapter 14 Then do a 1-2 page review of “the best sports venue you have ever attended.” -What aspects of the experience impressed you and made it memorable? -Cover the sights and sounds, the ease of movement, the attitude of the staff and their service -The quality of the food. Do you remember what you ate? “Going Down” World Series Slide World 1973 NBC Oakland Athletics/ NY Mets 7 games 30.7 rating 57 share 34,750,000 viewers/gm 1978 NBC Yankees/ Dodgers 6 games 32.8 rating 56 share 44,280,000 viewers/gm 1988 NBC Dodgers/ Athletics 5 games 23.9 rating 39 share 34,490,000 viewers/gm 1998 Fox Yankees/ Padres 4 games 14.1 rating 24 share 20,340,000 viewers/gm 2008 Fox Phillies/ Rays 4 games 8.4 rating 14 share 13,635,000 viewers/gm 2009 Fox Yankees/ Phillies 6 games 11.7 rating 19.5 share 19,400,000 viewers/gm Sports Sponsorship, 1910-style Sports Chalmers 30 Luxury car Was offered as the prize For NL Batting Title Disputed Batting title Ty Cobb & Napoleon Lajoie Both got cars The Chalmers Trophy became The the first “MVP” award in 1911 “MVP” Ty Cobb “Nap” Lajoie “Nap”...
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