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Secures entitlement or naming sports sponsorship nbc

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Unformatted text preview: a benefits 7. Helps achieve sales objectives 8. Showcase product features, advantages 9. Advantage over competition through exclusivity 10. Hospitality and entertainment opportunities 11. Secures entitlement or naming Sports Sponsorship: NBC & the NHL Sports Show Sponsors League sponsor McDonald’s as the presenting sponsor of the pregame show Jeep is sponsoring "On-Ice Live" during the pregame Lexus will sponsor the first intermission show League sponsor Discover will get the second intermission show New League sponsor Advil is sponsoring overtime Bud Light has the postgame show NBCSN's Wednesday Night Rivalry series is presented by MillerCoors In-game enhancements Advil has a "Fast Recovery" feature Progressive sponsors "Inside the Glass" Wendy's gets the Robo-Cam Ford sponsors Power Plays League sponsor Enterprise puts its name on period statistics League sponsor Verizon has "Game Center Premium" League sponsor Honda underwrites a "Start Something Special" feature Playoffs Geico is presenting sponsor Subway sponsors overtime Sports Sponsorship in North America Sports 2012 $ 13.45 Billion 2011 $ 12.54 Billion 2010 $ 11.83 Billion 2009 $ 11.41 Billion 2008 $ 10.65 Billion 2007 $ 9.90 Billion Source: Price Waterhouse Coopers Industries that Sponsor Sports Industries The Top Five 1.Clothing & footwear 2.Cars/ Automotive 3.Telecommunications 4.Banking 5.Airlines Sponsorship Rights- Uniforms Next Sponsorship Uniform Sponsorship Uniform A New Wor...
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