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The goal find potential customers patterns of

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Unformatted text preview: or logo establishes the company as part of what the team, event or league represents that is lasting and valuable. The Goal: Find potential customers’ patterns of attitude & activity, then fit your promotion to these patterns. Making the Connection Making the Connection Kia has focused their sports advertising on the NBA. Their magazine ads promote their TV sponsorship. ­ Multi­platform integration Sponsorship/ Entitlement Examples Sponsorship/ The Stadium Name Game The 3 of 30 Arenas do NOT have name sponsors 7 of 32 Stadiums have no name sponsor 11 of 30 Stadiums have no name sponsor The $20 million per year club: Citi Field Barclays Center MetLife Stadium AT&T Stadium Mets Nets Giants/ Jets Dallas Cowboys $10­15 million per year: Reliant Stadium Philips Arena FedEx Field Houston Texans Atlanta Hawks Washington Redskins Sponsorship Rights Sponsorship 1. Use of Logo, name, trademark connecting product with event 2. Exclusive category association 3. Entitlement: event, facility, series 4. Official sponsor, supplier, product or “presented by” designation 5. Exclusive use of product or service at event or venue 6. Joint promotional or advertising campaigns Sports Sponsorship Benefits Sports 1. Increase public awareness of the product/ service 2. Alter or reinforce public perceptions 3. Identify the company with market segments 4. Involve the company with a community/ region 5. Builds goodwill with decision-makers 6. Generates medi...
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