SPM 325 - lecture 14

Radio spot or script for same 30 sec tv spot or

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Unformatted text preview: he project before its presentation date. SPM 325 Final Project Build an integrated communications & promotional campaign and packet campaign Your packet MUST include at minimum: Your Campaign calendar/ schedule Media advisories News releases News conference plan and runsheet Internet and social media strategy Promotional strategy and materials Biographical & background information 30-sec. Radio spot (or script for same) 30-sec. TV spot (or script) Day of event venue plan & schedule Comprehensive Strategy Document The Communications Spet You are the organization’s Storyteller You proactively present the organization’s agenda to the media, the public and your staff and constituencies You react to questions and news about your organization and the industry Job Requirements GREAT writing skills Honesty, Integrity, Intelligence Curiosity Well­read student of the business Confident, Clear and Convincing Good at multi­tasking High energy level Willing to make sacrifices Job Functions Media relations Publicist Spokesperson Internal communication Website management Social Media outreach Video and digital imaging Corporate & Investor relations A Resource for Reporters Provide access to relevant info: Stats, schedules, bi...
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