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SPM 325 - lecture 14

Why hold a news conference

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Unformatted text preview: a Media Relations Community Relations News (Press) Conferences News What’s the purpose? Who do you want to receive your message? When would you hold one for your organization? Why Hold a News Conference? Announce a major new initiative, hiring or partnership Political reasons­ the principals need to be seen (in person or together) Special Events­ Super Bowl, US Open, etc. All media get the same story at the same time. The baseline story is identical for all. Accommodate post­game questions Weekly press availability Football coaches News Conference Planning News Define the purpose & goals Set the invitation list­ know your audience! Generate Media Alert or “Advisory” Plan the presentation Create a Runsheet/ Agenda Who speaks when? Who answers questions? Create a Media Packet + videos, links E­mail & Phone call follow­ups ULY 2006 TV PRESS TOUR PRESENTATION ULY RESS CONFERENCE: Salon I RESS Salon rogram Begins: 11:45 AM (45 minutes) VIDEO: PROGRAM BEGINS WITH MNF “TRAILER” (TRT 3:00) VIDEO: OB TOBIAS: podium (1 minute) OB elcome pening comments ntroduce panel hrow to Wildhack OHN WILDHACK (2 minutes) OHN ports TV’’s preeminent series moves to preeminent brand s ports JULY 2006 TV PRESS TOUR PRESENTATION PRESS CONF...
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