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SPM 325 - lecture 14

Podium hrow to hank williams jr video coach shafers

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Unformatted text preview: ERENCE: Salon I PRESS Salon Program Begins: 11:45 AM (45 minutes) OE THEISMANN (1 minute) OE xcited about what’s ahead on MNF onored to be part of a great tradition OB TOBIAS: podium hrow to Kornheiser Tape IDEO: KORNHEISER MESSAGE (TRT 42 seconds) OB TOBIAS: podium hrow to Hank Williams Jr. video Coach Shafer’s News Conference Introducing a Female Introducing a Female Assistant Coach What will the media want? Who do we invite? Who speaks first? Who gets introduced but doesn ’t speak? What “talking points” do we prepare? Response to cynics who say “She never played football.” Coach Shafer’s News Conference The Media Packet The Media Packet What do we include? Bios & Job histories Background info on the program Photos, links Prepared statements From whom? Job description? Football Schedule Co...
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