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SPM 325 - lecture 10

This is very much a team pole the generation 6 cars

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Unformatted text preview: Gibbs Racing. “I think that says a lot about the team, a lot about Stewart-Haas Racing, a lot about how much work was done over the winter and how they’ve adapted to the new car,” said Patrick. “This is very much a team pole.” The Generation-6 cars continue to impress, as 22 drivers topped 195 mph. Before Sunday, the last driver to hit that mark in Daytona 500 qualifying was Jeff Gordon (195.067) in 1999. Before that, you have to go back to Davey Allison (195.955) in 1991. . The Headline Grabs Attention The headline is critical!! It’s all some editors will read The first 8 words on the page are the most important Picture how you would want the headline to appear in the newspaper, on ESPN.com Make it intriguing and informative Organize Your Info The LEAD paragraph must include the most vital information. The first four “W’s” go in the lead Who, What, When, Where Focus on only one topic Never start your lead with a preposition or parenthetical phrase Cover the “Why” and “How” in successive paragraphs. Keep them pertinent. News Release Content ACCURACY is key. Proofread your copy! Avoid empty superlatives & claims that can’t be substantiated. “Wonderful/ fabulous/ the greatest” Support any superlatives with specifics. Make a mistake and editors will never trust you again! “fastest back in the Big East with a 4.2 40­yard dash.” Include quotes to underscore the importance/ relevance of the news Av...
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