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SPM 325 - lecture 8

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Unformatted text preview: tools of the trade” advertisers use athletes and teams as models, examples of success Top TV Advertisers by Sport Top MLB Pfizer Pharmaceuticals MLB NASCAR Sprint Nextel NBA T­Mobile NCAA Hoops AT&T Mobility NCAA Football Nissan NFL Anheuser Busch NHL Verizon Men’s golf Lilly Icos LLC Tennis GEICO Soccer Volkswagen Dramatic Reality: Goals 1. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Engage fan interest Imprint brand identity for longer­lasting impressions (ESPN: Time Spent Viewing) Humanize the sport/ brand Encourage the feeling of personal connections with players Add context to each event outcome More than just win­loss Sports Story Lines Drama­ A beginning, middle and end 2. Adversity­ Overcoming challenges 3. Crisis­ Magnifies the challenges 4. Mentors­ Impact of coaches, veterans, family 5. Persistence­ “Hard work and dedication” 6. Final rewards, payoff­ Achievement of goals Change creates story lines Time heightens drama 1. 1. Sports Communication Strategies Stars: a player, coach, the venue 2. Incorporate Cultural Trends 3. Engage Your Community 4. Create Distinctive Experiences 5. Viral, Word of Mouth 6. Manage Controversy Goal: Deliver messages that will be heard above the clutter 1. 1. Assignment Assignment Read “Obvious Adams” On one page give me five bullet points for what you see as the five most important lessons from this parable. Changing Conferences Changes Brand Positioning The Syracuse name & image are what’s important, NOT the conference. How does Big East branding change? How does the ACC brand change? Title Title...
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