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SPM 325 - lecture 9

Dramaticreality therestructuringofrealityintoa

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Unformatted text preview: ation! Write to EXPRESS, not to impress Be conversational. How would you tell your friends? Dramatic Reality The restructuring of reality into a NARRATIVE that strategically heightens the drama of real events. Provides emotional and intellectual CONTEXT in which to understand, interpret and identify with sports Every event or story you see, hear, read about has a Dramatic Reality structure Connect With Fans Through Stories Sports Story Lines Sports Story Lines 1. Drama­ A beginning, middle and end 2. Adversity­ Overcoming challenges 3. Crisis­ Magnifies the challenges 4. Mentors­ Impact of coaches, veterans, family 5. Persistence­ “Hard work and dedication” 6. Final rewards, payoff­ Achievement of goals Change creates story lines Time heightens drama Find Story Themes Themes & Strong Characters connect the Themes & Strong Characters connect the audience to your subject New beginnings, service to others, mentors, challenges overcome, crisis confronted, triumph of the human spirit, rewards Consider the theme and its meaning Consider common...
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