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Unformatted text preview: 1. 1. Different Writing/ Different Audiences General public or only sports fans? Your organization’s fans only? For the sports industry (insiders) For potential customers Just the facts­ objective Your opinions & insight­ subjective Which medium? TV, radio, newspaper, magazine, online, text or mobile alert How is Your Message Received? How you deliver a message can be more important than the message itself Tone of voice, timing, respect, the stage or platform, competing messages Impressions are affected by the experience through which they are received People gravitate toward things that mean something to them Too much info can be counter­productive Media Advisories An invitation to cover an event Stick to the Basic “5 W’s” Who, What, When, Where, Why What’s “the hook?” Consider your audience: Media pros who are always pressed for time! Contact information Organization descriptor Distribution schedule & follow­up ROOKIE OF THE YEAR ‘10 **MEDIA ADVISORY** 2010 PEPSI ROOKIE OF THE YEAR PRESS CONFERENCE 2010 The Pepsi Rookie of the Year, as determined by fan balloting on The NFL.com, will be introduced and available for media questi...
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