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SPM 325 - lecture 9

The orange extended its nation leading homecourt n

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Unformatted text preview: s officially restored to Syracuse’s active roster on Sunday. Friday. In his first game in over a month, Southerland played 26 minutes and finished In with 13 points. Syracuse, the No. 9 team in the nation, improved to 20-3 for the season and 8Syracuse, 2 iin the Big East. The Orange extended its nation-leading homecourt n winning streak to 37 games. winning Syracuse still had just eight scholarship players available on Sunday. Dajuan Syracuse Coleman, SU’’s freshman center who started the season’s first 20 games, s Coleman, missed his third game after undergoing knee surgery last week. Coleman is expected back in two to three weeks. expected St. John’s, which had won six of its last seven games, fell to 15-9 overall and 75 iin the Big East. n Sports Communication Strategies Stars: a player, coach, the venue 2. Incorporate Cultural Trends 3. Engage Your Community 4. Create Distinctive Experiences 5. Viral, Word of Mouth 6. Manage Controversy Goal: Deliver messages that will be heard above the clutter...
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