Available for sale debt securities are carried at

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Unformatted text preview: st, less accumulated depletion. Tree development costs and forest maintenance costs are capitalized. Depletion is determined on the unit-of-production basis, excluding from the amount to be depleted the portion of tree-development costs that benefits future harvests; such costs are deferred and included in the cost of those harvests. Other property, plant and equipment are recorded at cost, including interest incurred on financing during the construction period of major new facilities. Interest on local currency borrowings is determined as that part of the total finance cost incurred on borrowings net of the foreign currency translation adjustments arising on such borrowings, and, on foreign currency borrowings (including those denominated in U.S. dollars), at the contractual interest rates. Depreciation is computed on the straight-line basis at rates which take into consideration the useful lives of the assets, principally an average of 25 years for buildings, 10 years for 14 Aracruz Celulose S.A. Notes to Consolidated Financial Statements Expressed in thousand...
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