Phospholipases hydrolyze phospholipids may release

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Unformatted text preview: ranes + Head Groups on Glycerophospholipids Notice similarities 12 + Phospholipases 13 ! Phospholipases !  Hydrolyze phospholipids !  May release phopho head group !  May release just head group !  May release fatty acid chains !  Don’t need to know names and functions of various lipases + 14 Sphingolipids !  Instead of using glycerol as a backbone, sphingolipids use sphingosine as a backbone !  Palmitate + serine + Sphingomyelin 15 Part of myelin sheath around nerves (Ch 9) Amide bond Head group could also be a phosphoethanolamine group -O P-CH CH NH + 3 2 2 3 + 16 Sphingolipids With Saccharides !  A cerebroside is a sphingolipid with a monosaccharide head group !  A ganglioside is a sphingolipid with an oligosaccharide head group >1 sugar Ganglion = mass or swelling + 17 Sterols ! Isoprenoids !  Lipids constructed from 5-C units like isoprene: !  Cholesterol !  Component of membranes !  Precursor of estrogen and testosterone + 18 Sterols ! Isoprenoids !  Vitamins !  A, D, E, K D...
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