Which side they face some has to do with translocases

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Unformatted text preview: May require protein for translocation (translocases) !  Interleaflet movement is essential for asymmetry 31 + Bilayer Asymmetry !  Two leaflets in bilayer are NOT identical !  Some has to do with orientation of lipid-synthesizing enzymes !  Which side they face !  Some has to do with translocases or flippases !  Function of membranes is more than just as a cell sack 32 + 33 Membrane Proteins ! Membrane !  Depends is ~50% protein on cell type 1 ! Types of membrane proteins 1) Integral membrane proteins !  Span bilayer !  Require detergent to separate them from the membrane 1 + 34 Membrane Proteins ! Types of membrane proteins 2) Anchored proteins !  Carry lipid anchor that integrates in membranes 3) Peripheral protein !  Associates with integral proteins or lipid head groups 3 2 + 35 Integral Membrane Proteins ! Transmembrane !  May helices be single-pass (1 helix) or multi-pass (>1) !  Composed of hydrophobic residues !  Need 20 amino acids to span the bilayer + 36 Inte...
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