Physics 1004 S2013 In Class Problem 2 Solutions

0 cms and this must be equal to since we are

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Unformatted text preview: and this must be equal to () Since we are evaluating a ratio of two velocities, then as long as the units are the same, we do not need to convert to SI units. Page |1 ICP 2 Use the reverse side if necessary ( ) When you evaluate this function you MUST have your calculator set on the radian settings, so that you return a value of φ in radians (if it is on the degree settings, you will get the wrong answer!). The value for phi is one of a series obtained by adding or subtracting 2π radians to this base value. Thus the smallest possible positive phase constant is i Evaluation of the differential of the function x(t) requires an application of the chain rule: Differentiate ( ) ( ) Use the substitution And ( ) , so Applying the chain rule: ( Page |2 Test 1 ) S 2013...
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