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Unformatted text preview: is shared It is learned and taught It changes over time Usually it is not monolithic Dimensions of Culture Dimensions Culture has three dimensions or aspects: 1. 2. 3. Material dimension Normative dimension Symbolic dimension Material Dimension of Culture Material Physical residues of behavior in a culture • Especially physical things that have recognized special meanings in a culture Especially important are objects used for subsistence (making a living) Normative Dimension of Culture I Normative Concerned with the rules society uses to evaluate behavior and other things Two components: • Cultural values • Norms Normative Dimension of Culture II II Cultural values • Beliefs or feelings that are widely shared by members of a society about what is important to the society’s identity or well­being Norms • Expectations shared by members of a group that specify behavior that is considered appropriate for a given situation Selected U.S. Cultural Values Selected Activism­ it is desirable to shape your world through intense effort Egalitarianism­ everyone should have an equal chance to succeed Achievement­ it is desirable to h...
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