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Unformatted text preview: ave and accomplish personal goals Selected U.S. Cultural Values Selected Materialism­ it is good to have “stuff” Humanitarianism­ it is desirable to help people who are having troubles Others: progress, morality , freedom, individualism • Source: Turner and Starnes in Stokes, p.72 V alue Conflict Complex value systems routinely have apparent conflict between values • E.g., humanitarianism and materialism • E.g., egalitarianism and achievement • I’m always impressed with humans’ ability to hold dear opposed ideas Morality as an American Cultural Value Cultural morality: it is desirable to evaluate each behavior for whether it is moral or not and to choose only moral behaviors Often leads to ends vs means conflicts Ends vs Means Ends Ends – desired outcomes, often culturally valued Means – behavior directed toward achieving ends Often apparently effective means to valued ends violate cultural value of morality Personal Values Personal Individual’s feelings about what is important to his or her identity or well being Do not have to be congruent (consistent) with cultural values, but often are Deciding what to do is easier if person...
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