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Unformatted text preview: Similar phenomena occur in settings smaller than entire cultures • informal vs formal structures in organizations • Secularization/revival in religious denominations • theory vs practice in general Secularization and Revival Successful churches over time tend to get involved in non­spiritual issues • Property, training and supervising employees, fund raising • Secularization Loss of spiritual focus can lead to revival movements • Trying to restore spiritual focus Culture and Predictability Culture helps make social world predictable • We have psychological need for predictability If we want something, culture tells how to get it When others are doing wild stuff, culture can help explain Predictability and Norms Predictability The more we follow norms, the more predictable our world • If we are unpredictable, others don’t know what to think or do • If we follow rules, others know what we are doing and what they should do • This, therefore, is another reason we follow the rules: doing so makes our world more predictable Functional Prerequisite Functional Definition: a functional prerequisite is an outcome that is necessary for the continued existence of a society. Five Functional Prerequisites Five Five Functional Prerequisites 1. Meet biological needs of members 2. Obtain new members (recruitment) 3. Train members (socialization) 4. Resist environmental threats 5. Maintain social integration Culture and Funct...
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