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Unformatted text preview: st remember what is appropriate behavior in situation Our ability to do so is amazing! “Appropriate” may include more than one acceptable behavior Thomas Theorem Example Example 1. Def of 1. situation situation 2. Remem2. bered norm bered 3. Behavior Relationship Between Cultural Values and Norms Values Norms often are specific reflections of abstract values • We value friendship; we acknowledge our friends Norms can tell how to handle conflicting values • How much to contribute to church, United Way Q: What values are involved here? Technical norms Some norms may have no direct link to values • Some reflect value of having standards Reduces uncertainty Social Sanctions I Social Social sanctions are responses to behavior, responses that enforce social norms ­ May be positive (rewards) or negative (punishments) ­ Used by itself, the term usually implies “negative” Social Sanctions II Social Sanctions may be formal or informal • Formal sanctions – based on written rules administered by persons recognized to have authority • Informal sanctions ­ sanctions that are not formal • Most of the sanctions we receive are informal Social Sanctions and Norm (Rule) Following Norm Possibility of negative sanctions is one reason we follow norms • We’d like to avoid negative sanctions Possibility of positive sanctions is another • We like to get them Emotionally rewarding Facilitate continuing to do what w...
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