Whats going on 2 what do i do next

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Unformatted text preview: al values and cultural values are congruent Norms and the Thomas Theorem I Thomas Thomas Theorem says definition of situation is somehow turned into behavior Norms tell actors how the culture feels a particular situation should be turned into behavior • That is, norms tell the actor what he/she/they/it should do in this situation Two Fundamental Questions Two Two questions individuals constantly “ask” themselves 1. What’s going on? 2. What do I do next? Answer to first Q is the actor’s definition of the situation Answer to second Q is behavior Behavior Depends on the Definition of the Situation the Thomas Theorem says that answer to question 2 (What do I do next?) depends on the answer to question 1 (What’s going on?) That is, behavior depends on the definition of the situation Norms and the Norms Two Fundamental Questions Norms link the two Qs Gives socially correct answer(s) to Q2 (what to do?) on basis of answer to Q1 (wuzzup?) • Not quite complete answer to Q2 Answers What SHOULD I do?, not What DO I do? • Norms and the Thomas Theorem II II Simplifies deciding what to do, but … 1. Actor must to be able to define situations 2. Actor mu...
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