Draw the product of each pathway and then explain why

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Unformatted text preview: etrical epoxide that can undergo nucleophilic substitutions under acidic or basic conditions; however, the position of attack is different. Draw the product of each pathway, and then explain why the substitution pattern occurred in each using transition state drawings. (6) 1. CH3MgBr CH3OH, HCl O 2. H3O+ 4. Rank the following in order of decreasing acidity, where 1 is most acidic. (4) OH H3C OH OH H3CO OH O2N O ______ ______ ______ ______ 5. We learned about organometallic cross coupling methods such as the Suzuki and Heck reactions. The first step is usually an “oxidative addition”. Explain what this means. (3) 2 6. Bonds can be broken through heterolytic and homolytic types of cleavage. What does this mean? Provide...
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