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In the previous question the equilibrium does not go

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Unformatted text preview: s 15. (4) + O - Na O NaOH H2O Keq = 1 x 10- 5 1 3. In the previous question, the equilibrium does not go towards the right because NaOH is not a strong enough base. What base could we use that would provide an equilibrium nearly 100% towards the right? Draw the structure of this base. (3) NLi + Lithium diisopropylamide or LDA (writing the name not necessary) 4. Rank the following in order of decreasing basicity, where 1 is most basic. (3) NH2 O C O NH2 NH2 H3CO 3 ______ 2 ______ 1 ______ 5. Explain what is meant by tautomerization. Show a structural example of a keto- enol tautomerization. (4) Ketones can exist in their enol form as well. The interconversion between the two is called tautomerization. It is not a resonance for...
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