O os o 2 8 what was the purpose

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Unformatted text preview: m because bonds are broken and formed. OH O enol ketone 6. Circle the stronger base. Explain what makes it a stronger base. (3) NH3 NH 7. Draw the tosylate ion and explain why it is a good leaving group. (4) Tosylate is very resonance stabilized. This makes it an ideal leaving group. O OS O 2 8. What was the purpose of converting a ketone or aldehyde into a hydrazone or semi- carbazone? (3) The process of “derivatization” was used to convert a low molecular weight compound into a crystalline material in order to determine a melting point. Depending upon the melting point (and along with other tests) a chemist could back track and determine what the original low molecular weight compound was. It can also be used to protect a ketone or for further functio...
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