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Unformatted text preview: however, alkylation of nitrobenzene does not occur at all. Provide an explanation for this. (4) The nitro group is so deactivating that Friedel- Crafts alkylations will not take place on the aromatic ring. 6. What determines whether or not the following generic reaction scheme will proceed in the forward direction (to the right). (4) O R O ZY R YZ The leaving group, once the tetrahedral intermediate is formed, must be the weaker of the bases. Part III: Reactions (15 minutes) 7. Provide the major product for the following reactions. If the product is provided, then suggest the possible reagents. (4 each) Br 1. (CH3)3CO2. H2, Pt OH O MnO2, Δ NO2 CH3CH3Cl, AlCl3 Br No Reaction NH2 NaNH2, NH3(liq) H2SO4, ∆ Cl Cl O CH3CH2OH, HCl OH SO3H O O C H 2C H 3 O H 2O , H C l OCH2CH3 O OH Part IV: Mechanisms (15 minutes)...
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