Positive no need to maintain count positive

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Unformatted text preview: S4 Head S3 0 S4 0 Ÿ༉ S2 0 S1 0 Head S2 0 S4 0 Ÿ༉ S1 0 S3 1 Head S4 0 Ÿ༉ S1 0 S2 1 S3 1 Head S4 0 Ÿ༉ S1 0 S2 1 S3 2 Head S1 0 Ÿ༉ S2 1 S3 2 S4 4 Approach 2: (‘move to front’) - when an item is retrieved, we move it to the head of the list pros: - we do not need to maintain a count - although it’s not optimal, generally performs well cons: - items move quickly to the front Approach 3: (swap) • When an item is retrieved, swap it with the item before it positive à༎ no need to maintain count positive à༎ frequently accessed items slowly move to...
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