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Unformatted text preview: , 4 CS 234 Lecture 20 Page 1 Graphs can have weights assigned to its edges. An undirected graph is connected if there is a path between any two vertices. Properties of Undirected Graphs Let | |, | |. Then, 1 1. order O 2 2. 1 for connected graphs 1 for trees 3. The number of graphs with vertices is 2 4. deg 2 i. e. the sum of the degrees in a graph is twice the number of edges ∈ ADT Graph Data collection of vertices and edges Operations Graph V,E isEmpty numVertices numEdges vertices edges neighbours v isAdjacent v1, v2 path v1, v2 addVertex v removeVertex v addEdge v1, v2 removeEdge v1, v2 traverse v isConnected CS...
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