Ifsothenthegraphisconnectedandthecodedoes nothingto

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Unformatted text preview: 234 Lecture 20 Page 2 Example: The following code takes a graph and checks if there is a path between every pair of vertices. If so, then the graph is connected and the code does nothing to . If is disconnected, edges are added to make the graph connected. ADT Graph Implementation Example: Edge List , , ,…, where each edge is , , where and are endpoints of the edge. From ∗ , we have: 1,2 , 1,5 , 2,3 , 2,5 , 3,4 , 4,5 , 4,6 We can add edge weights to the tuples. For example, edge 1,2 has weight 6, so its tuple is 1,2,6 . Our n...
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