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Unformatted text preview: greater employee connection with work and increase discretionary effort. Job Sculpting Job Sculpting You do not have to… • • • • • • Change core job tasks Amend established KPIs Re­write job descriptions Alter organizational systems Change how performance is measured Change how the team operates Job Sculpting Job Sculpting Job Sculpting activities can be utilized during… • • • • • • • Recruitment (pre­interview or interviewing) On­boarding or Inducting Training Performance goal setting Performance counseling Job description / KPI reviews Promotion Job Sculpting Job Sculpting • Tim Butler and James Waldroop are distinguished Harvard professors. • Their extensive research into employee motivation and capability development found that neither money nor benefits; praise nor recognition are the primary driver of sustained employee motivation. Job Sculpting Job Sculpting • Butler & Waldroop found that all people are fundamentally driven by Life Passions. • These are not hobbies, interests or goals but deeply embedded, innate life­long patterns of passion. • There are only 8 Life Passions Job Sculpting – Life Passions Job Sculpting – Life Passions Activity I will now take you through the 8 Life Passions. Write the numbers 1 through 8 on a piece of paper...
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