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Unformatted text preview: Visions Personal Professional Visions Look at the next slide. These are questions that managers can work through with leaders when starting to introduce PPVs Try answering the questions ­ begin to plan your own Personal Professional Vision. Personal Professional Visions Personal Professional Visions What is your personal professional vision? What are the motivations that lie behind this vision? What is your current reality (in relation to your vision)? How far are you from achieving the vision? • What actions can you take tomorrow, before December, in the next 3 years that will move you closer to realizing your personal vision? • Name three achievable goals that you believe you can reach on the way to your vision that will indicate you are on track. • What skills, knowledge and formal / informal training might you require to help you achieve your vision? • • • Job Sculpting Job Sculpting • Job sculpting helps employees develop themselves it helps them to perform to their strengths by shaping the job around the individual, rather than make a person fit a job. • KPIs and essential criteria are not compromised. It just means letting people work out how to do their jobs • Can save time, effort, money and increase business effectiveness, advance innovation, generate...
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