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Unformatted text preview: oyees Focus on investing in high level skills development Differentiation Cost Leadership STRATEGIC DIRECTION Careers Today Careers Today • Careers used to follow a Career Ladder. This is logical, gradual progression step­by­step from the bottom to the top in a particular career; each step has a little more pay and little more responsibility. • Today people have, on average, 3 very different careers during their working life. They move companies often and progress quickly…they do not follow ladders or predictable paths. These are called Protean Careers (Protean means varied and versatile) Issue Career Ladders V Protean Career Ladders V Protean Careers Protean Career Career Ladder Responsibility The individual The organization Core Values Freedom; Growth Advancement; Power Important Performance Dimensions Important Attitude Dimensions Important Identity Dimensions Important Adaptability Dimensions Psychological success Position level; Salary Work satisfaction; Organizational professional commitment commitment Self­esteem; self­awareness Esteem from colleagues; organizational awareness Work­related flexibility Organization­related (Measure: marketability) flexibility (Measure: organizational survival) How Can Organizations Help How Can Organizations Help Employee...
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