Where is high turnover expected to occur where are

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Unformatted text preview: unit or an entire organization. You thrive on responsibility and like to own a sale or a transaction. Let’s face it, you like being in control. Job Sculpting – Life Passions Job Sculpting – Life Passions 8. You are at your best when you can express yourself and in doing so, influence others. You get a thrill from giving presentations and writing articles. You are a great storyteller and negotiator and there is no doubt that you have the power of persuasion! Writing and speaking are your forte. Job Sculpting Job Sculpting Now here are the 8 Life Passions. How did you score? 1. Application of Technology 2. Quantitative Analysis 3. Theory Development and Conceptual Thinking 4. Creative Production 5. Counseling and Mentoring 6. Managing People and Relationships 7. Enterprise Control 8. Influence Through Language and Ideas Life Passions Inventory Life Passions Inventory • We will finish by completing an individual inventory on life passions. This will help you identify your primary and secondary life passions. • The activity is saved on the L Drive in our “class activities” folder. It is called Job Sculpting. Acceleration Pools Acceleration Pools groom mentor coach train al Succession planning strategy ogic Next l n positio ) (linear Individual Group of line managers or graduate entrants or job roles Talent (Acceleration) Pool Other positions Identify your critical development area Acceleration Pools Develop a business case Secure resources Design the Pool’s framework Where is talent most scarce? Where is high turnover expected to occur? Where are the most disengaged people? Where will the shortages be in 3 to 5 years time? Do the sums, do the research and present a business case to the executive for support. The Talent Pool is always a solution to the company’s challenges; not an HR fad. Secure the budget, human resources and physical resources to make it happen. Will...
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