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Unformatted text preview: . As I read each Life Passion, score yourself out of 10 for how much it reflects you…. 10 = exactly like me…1= nothing like me. Job Sculpting – Life Passions Job Sculpting – Life Passions 1. You are intrigued by the inner workings of things and are curious about finding better ways to use technology to solve business problems. If you have this life interest, you enjoy work that involves planning and analyzing productions and operations systems and redesigning business processes. You like to read computer magazines, manuals and LOVE the latest and greatest techno toys. Job Sculpting – Life Passions Job Sculpting – Life Passions 2. You love to crunch numbers and see business solutions as a numbers game. Your dendrites fire when you do a cash­flow analysis, budgets and can figure out the finer details of purchase agreements. You annoy others when you always get back max tax returns every year. You like to figure out things like teacher student ratios and patterns in customer feedback data. Job Sculpting – Life Passions Job Sculpting – Life Passions 3. You are a big picture person who prefers the WHY to the HOW. You like to spend hours exploring ideas or the latest learning, leadership and management theories and discussing them with a wide angle lens. You are more abstract...
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