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Com employmentagenciesprivateandgovtfunded headhunters

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Unformatted text preview: Flow Recruitment – recruitment that is ongoing and designed to constantly find new employees Approaches to Recruiting Approaches to Recruiting Organizations must also decide whether to centralize or decentralize their recruitment activities. Centralized Approach – The Recruitment Team in HR are responsible for all recruitment activities. Decentralized Approach – Individual teams, departments, sites instigate and manage their own recruitment Common Recruiting Sources Common Recruiting Sources When you look for a job how do you search? Which job search method has been most successful for you? Common Recruiting Sources Common Recruiting Sources Internal recruiting – intranet Employee referrals Print advertising – newspapers; trade magazines Internet – websites (monster.com…) Employment agencies (private and Govt. funded) Headhunters Unsolicited resumes Conferences, trade shows, professional associations School / University careers expos Determining Recruitment Determining Recruitment...
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