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Unformatted text preview: often report it happens when they are: • • • • • Interviewing for a job or promotion Given lesser work tasks than comparable others Denied professional development opportunities Paid less for doing the same work as others Having their performance appraised These are all issues managed by HR What should HR do regarding What should HR do regarding EEO? • Educate, advise, counsel and update organizational members on EEO laws • Include EEO in orientation and training programs • Write EEO policies and guidelines • Listen to complaints and mediate disputes • Report incidents to senior management • Keep accurate and detailed records of incidents (they may be required for court cases) • Refer serious complaints / unresolved issues to the independent relevant external body Question Question Hooters is a US fast food chain. It differentiates itself by only hiring attractive young women to wait tables. The women’s uniform is a tight T­shirt and very short shorts. It has a policy against hiring men because male waiters would not fit the image, concept or branding of the business. The CEO says “we have the right to build our own business identity and find a position in a busy market. Our customers love the concept. Men would not fit our image and our uniform is not designed for them.” What do you think? Is Hooters in breach of EEO law? Answer Answer Yes, Hooters would be in breach of thelaw. Having a policy against hiring men is an example of Disparate Treatment. Which is the practice of treating people differently based on immutable characteristics – in this case being male. The basic principle is that a company must hire the best PERSON for a job no matter who that person is. By ‘Best Person’ we mean the most capable to do the job based on qualifications and experience. Question Question Sarah is interviewing candidates for a job. She asks the female candidates whether they have arrangements for child care if they get the job. She...
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