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Unformatted text preview: e. However, heavy people cannot safely use the motorcycle and the motorcycle is required equipment to do the job so the law allows the Australian Post Office to ‘discriminate’. Question Question Breeze Air, a low cost airline based in Texas, has a height policy for cabin crew. All cabin crew must be a minimum of 5 feet and 9 inches tall. Breeze Air says “This is a fair policy. It is not disparate treatment because it does not target people based on gender, race, age etc. Any person is welcome to work for us as long as they meet our height requirement.” What do you think? Is Breeze Air in breach of EEO law? Answer Answer Yes, Breeze Air would be in breach of the law. There is something called Adverse Impact. Even though the height policy does not target any particular group, it does indirectly discriminate against groups of people who tend to be short…in this case Asians. Asians would have less opportunity than the average population to work for Breeze Air because Asians, as a race, are on average shorter than other races. Example Example Another example was a power station in North Carolina about 40 years ago. The company introduced a policy that laborers had to have a high school diploma to be employed. However, at that time, black people had much less educational success and opportunity so far fewer finished school and got a diploma. So, the power station’s diploma policy had an adverse impact on black people seeking employment at this company. Question Question Liza is in a wheelchair. She had an interview for a job as a personal assistant at Keene’s Law Firm. She has relevant experience, qualifications and references. However, part of the job involves regularly getting supplies from the storeroom. Liza cannot reach the shelves in the storeroom and so could not get the supplies she needs. Keene’s did not hire her because she cannot perform one of the core tasks of the job and...
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