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Thereforetheresponsibilityonhris significant

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Unformatted text preview: t. Question Question Julie has qualified as a car mechanic. For the past six weeks she has worked at Smith’s Car Repairs with six male mechanics. In the workshop the men have always put up pictures of naked women from different magazines. Julie has made it clear, politely, that she feels uncomfortable having to see these pictures every day. However, the men treat Julie with respect. They never say or do anything that is improper. They are polite and courteous and involve her in everything they do. Is Julie being sexually harassed? Answer Answer Yes, Julie is being sexually harassed. Firstly, harassment is not just spoken words and physical actions but also covers things like emails and pictures. Secondly, harassment occurs when the subject says they feel they are being harassed. So, if Julie did not care about the pictures and did not complain then harassment would not be taking place. Types of Sexual Harassment Types of Sexual Harassment In the United States the courts have identified two types of sexual harassment: •Quid pro quo (it means ‘something for something’). This is where an employee is told by someone in authority that keeping their job or getting promoted depends on granting sexual favors. Even doing this once is illegal. •Hostile environment where comments, behaviors, pictures etc make employees feel sexually violated or exploited Who is Liable? Who is Liable? If someone is sexually harassed in the workplace can they only sue the individual wh...
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