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Unformatted text preview: that attract best candidates and keep the best employees. Working with unions and individual employees on grievances; communicating with and involving employees Developing policies / training that promote a healthy and safe environment and ensure fairness and wellbeing in general Workforce Planning Development Compensation & Benefits Employee & Labor Relations Health, Safety & Equity HR Roles HR Roles • The jobs that HR professionals fulfill such as recruitment; training; advising; policy development fall into one of 4 categories • According to Dave Ulrich in “Human Resource Champions” the four roles are… ­ Strategic Partner ­ Human Capital Developer ­ Functional Expert ­ Employee Advocate HR Roles HR Roles Think back to the different jobs HR professionals do in organizations. Which jobs (or tasks) would fit each of the 4 roles below? Long­ term STRATEGIC PARTNER HUMAN CAPITAL DEVELOPER People Processes FUNCTIONAL EXPERT EMPLOYEE ADVOCATE Day­to­Day Functional Expert Functional Expert • This role provides technical advice and / or services to other teams / departments in the organization that need spet guidance on their HR issues. For example; The IT team needs to discipline a team member or the Marketing team needs help completing performance evaluations. • This role is about advising; consulting; promoting; guiding and networking Employee Advocate Employee Advocate • This role protects and promotes the interests and rights of employees to ensure they are treated fairly. For example; handling a complaint from an employee about their manager; handling a sexual harassment incident; advising employees about retirement; revi...
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