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Unformatted text preview: seling) ­ Performance Management ­ Internal HR Advising / Consulting ­ Career Planning ­ Employee Involvement (surveys; change programs; social activities; events) Transactional V Strategic HRM Transactional V Strategic HRM • Traditionally, HR has been positioned as a service provider to the organization; a ‘necessary cost’ that organizations must bear. • For example; conducting recruitment interviews; processing pay cheques; training staff etc • Such tasks were simply TRANSACTIONAL – getting things done for the benefit of other parts of the business that make money. • So; HR was not seen as an integral or STRATEGIC part of the business. Transactional V Strategic HRM Transactional V Strategic HRM • Within the past 10 – 15 years, the perception and positioning of HRM within the organization has changed. • Good HRM functions work STRATEGICALLY, are fully integrated in the heart of the business and they add value to the organization • Good HRM helps the organization achieve its strategic objectives; compete successfully in the marketplace and make money. • Our course is all about STRATEGIC HRM Strategic HRM Strategic HRM • Talk to the person next to you. Think of some ways that HR professionals… • • • • Add value to the organization Help the organization compete in the marketplace Help the organization achieve its strategic objectives Contribute to organizational profitability Strategic HRM at Trader Joe’s Strategic HRM at Trader Joe’s • Trader Joe’s is a US chain of 300 grocery and wine stores. They use HRM strategically to add value to their business by: • Designing jobs that give people auton...
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