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Unformatted text preview: ewing a policy that may discriminate against certain people. • This role is about mediating; advocating; negotiating; reviewing; protecting and upholding. Strategic Partner Strategic Partner • This role contributes to ensuring HR strategy is aligned with wider business strategy. This role integrates HR with the activities of other business functions. For example; ensuring HR has recruitment practices that seek and hire the best people; legally and ethically downsizing the workforce if restructuring. • This role is about leading; designing; aligning; integrating; executing; actioning. Human Capital Developer Human Capital Developer • This role ensures employee skill and knowledge development. For example; establishing a mentoring program for managers; designing technical training for machine operators. • This role is about training; nurturing; educating; skilling and developing. HR in the Next 20 Years HR in the Next 20 Years • Things are changing. Social, economic, cu...
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