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Unformatted text preview: ar competitive business strategies. This view says there is not ‘one best way’ of designing HR…it depends on the strategy. Basic Approaches to HR Strategy Basic Approaches to HR Strategy • Both Universalistic and Contingency approaches are valid and actually not contradictory. • It seems that some HR practices are well suited to all organizations while other practices depend upon the organization’s strategy. • The two approaches have different areas of interest: The universalistic approach tends to focus on broad principles; the contingency approach on specific practices. • In this way, the two approaches are in fact complimentary The Universalistic Approach The Universalistic Approach • The Universalistic Approach says that for HR practices to be effective they must be bundled together – put into groups. They will not be effective if used in isolation. • Practices that relate to each other and reinforce each other are grouped together. • There are 2 human resource bundles. One bundle is based on a control strategy. The focus of this bundle is standardization and efficiency. • The second bundle is based on a commitment strategy The focus of this bundle is to empower workers and build a strong sense of loyalty and commitment The Universalistic Approach The Universa...
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