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Unformatted text preview: n a specific segment within a particular market rather than compete generally across a market • The FOCUS can be either on the product / service (see below) or on the customer (next slide) • Battery Plus – a store that only sells batteries • Knife World – a store that sells every kind of knife you can want…but nothing else • Executive Hire – a recruitment company that only places senior executives Focus – on the customer Focus – on the customer • • • Selling only environmentally friendly products Producing only organically grown vegetables Manufacturing clothes only for very large people Basic Approaches to HR Strategy Basic Approaches to HR Strategy • There are two basic approaches to HR strategy which inform 4 strategies. • The two basic approaches are the Universalistic Approach – tries to identify a set of HR practices that are beneficial to all organizations. The goal is to find the ‘one best way’ of managing HR. • The second is the Contingency Approach – this seeks to match HR practices with particul...
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